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Year 3

Football Fun


Year 3 have been enjoying their football training sessions with Mr Partridge during P.E. lessons.







River Poem


Year 3 have been using personification within free verse poetry to create a wonderful river poem.







Cadbury World Visit


As part of their chocolate topic, year 3 visited Cadbury World in Birmingham.  During their visit they discovered how chocolate is manufactured, which included a tasting session with a choice of toppings.




 They also took a step back in time with a walk along Bull Street, which is a full-scale replica of the original street where John Cadbury opened his first shop in 1824! 




At the end of the day everyone spent some time in the fun interactive room themed with sweets and chocolate delights.





Science Week - March 2017


Taste the Rainbow


We placed skittles around the outside of a plate then poured warm water into the centre and watched what happened.  All the colours ran to the middle of the plate to create a beautiful rainbow! Afterwards we discussed why the change happened (because the colours were dissolvable).






Fishing for Ice


The children were given a cup containing water and ice cubes and asked to 'fish for ice'  using a piece of string. This can not be done! We then added a teaspoon of salt to the water and ice and were amazed by the results. The salt had caused a reaction to happen with the ice and when the string was pulled out the ice was attached.





Apple Volcano


Miss Cherry put baking soda into an apple, she asked the children to predict what would happen when she poured in vinegar.  Lots of the predictions were correct! The soda and vinegar reacted and shot out of the apple like a volcano erupting lava.





Flower Experiment


Miss Cherry set up 6 test tubes with a small amount of water and different coloured food dye in each.  We put a white flower into each test tube.  We discussed what we thought might happen, how the water will be transported through the flowers and what effect this may have.



Maths Impact Sessions


Parents and carers were invited to join children and work with them in a practical maths lesson led by their Maths teacher to find out about current teaching and learning methods and also how they can support their children at home.






Firework Art


We used PVA glue and salt to create the outline of fireworks and then added watercolours on top of the salt. The salt soaked up the watercolours to give a beautiful outcome. The children loved watching the watercolour paint quickly travel across the salt.






Sunshine Sport


We took advantage of some autumn sunshine to go outside for our PE lessons. The children loved our multi-sports topic as we were able to work on lots of different skills.




We Love Autumn


We have enjoyed the autumn colours; we described the leaves in the classroom and then went outside to play with them, and had some fun throwing them around.



Going Down To The Wood


Year 3 had fun at their storytelling workshop at Foundry Wood. The children made stickmen out of woodland treasures. We made a home for our stickman and came up with adventures that they could go on.







Bread Making

As part of our instructions topic in literacy the children had a bread-making session. They loved getting their hands dirty and made some beautifully creative designs.








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